Water Flowing Under Ground

This is about Social Media and why it’s time has come whether we are ready or not. For heavens sake Apple, Macintosh, even Microsoft seemed strange at one time. Then came Goggle, Yahoo and Amazon. Who in their right mind would give corporations names like these? And, now we need to deal with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and countless others. Why bother? This is not my beautiful house. How did I get here?  I’m here to tell you it is “the water flowing under ground”.

A number of months back I was at a presentation and the spokes person put forth the notion that all media (and therefore marketing) would not only emanate from the internet it would be dependent upon it. At first thought this seemed a bit exaggerated, and I have yet to find documentation for their source. But, the more I have thought about it the more it seems reasonable. Our phones and televisions are being governed by how the internet is expanding and those in the print media have most definitely felt the biggest hit. How many newspapers and magazines have folded up shop because they were unable to vanquish new media. This being said, how did we get here?

Truth be told I’m old enough to remember when a cup of coffee was a nickle if not free. Now, it’s a religious experience. Fact is “the times they are a changin” and there is little any of us could do to stop it. However, with a little effort we can make those changes fairly painless. The power of the internet is being bequeathed to the younger generation and we could go “gentle into that good night”, or we could do better a better job of explaining it’s “same as it ever was”.



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