THE HOLY TRINITY: Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin.

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In Southern American cuisine The Holy Trinity is celery, green peppers and onions. In France their Trinity (mirepoix) consists of carrots, celery and onions. In fact, all major cuisines Mediterranean, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, and many others, not to forget Italian have some variation of the Trinity. The ingredients for these Trinities are the leitmotif for each of the cuisines they represent. They are the foundation for our understanding of each regional cuisine. For those who wish to employ Social Media, The Holy Trinity consists of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, (Note: The ingredients for the internet may very for specific projects and as the ever changing internet continues to develop new and unique types of Social Media). If you were to click the Share Button at the bottom of each of these blogs and also located in the sidebar you would come face to face with nearly three hundred social media applications all waiting for you to put them to use. These are your spices and condiments, you get to choose from these to make your recipe standout from the rest. All this and we really haven’t talked much about what we’re going to cook.

If you set out to make a gumbo, a spaghetti, a bouillabaisse, a paella or a beef stew you would start with the Trinity for each dish and go from there. For me each of these dishes would include some olive oil and some BAM (garlic). From that point on each of the recipes would go in a different direction mainly depending on what items  have been chosen to be featured in the recipe. The main ingredient might be chicken, sausage, any number of variations of beef, pork or fish or perhaps just vegetables. These combinations are endless, and you still get to add your personal touch with all those spices and condiments from your Share Button.

On the internet your main ingredient should almost always be your website or your blog. This is where you showcase what and who you are. Whether, it is personal or for business your website or blog should be the focus of your recipe. You will need the other ingredients, the spices, the condiments and especially the Holy Trinity to make your recipe unique. Have at it, I’ll be interested in tasting what you put together. One of my favorite recipes includes website, blog, the holly trinity (twitter, facebook & linkedin,) email, google bookmarks, digg, delicious and youtube to taste. Overall advice, stick to the basics and keep it as simple as possible. Too many spices tend to ruin a recipe. I would love to see what you have created. Enjoy!

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