Why Everyone Should Have A Website

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It is my opinion everyone should have a website. Most people respond, “Why?”  My initial response is, “Well your going to need help and have to pay me a boatload of money”. Truth be told, a Website doesn’t have to cost you anything out of pocket. It will however, demand some time and effort. Oh, and by the way the real and only reason to have a website is to enhance the quality of your life. Or, if you have a business, it makes your business better. If this doesn’t work for you, Don’t Do It! You then, in my humble opinion will be left on the outside looking in.

There are a number of resources available to produce a website (web presence) at no or very little cost. At this time I am using WordPress <wordpress.com> to produce this Blog. It’s free! You can also use <wordpress.org> to produce an actual website. There are other resources available which provide similar services <ning.com> or <blogger.com>, to name just a couple. And, there are tutorials on Youtube to help guide you through the process step by step. OK, the word “Free” came up. Not exactly true; remember, I mentioned time and effort on your part. Don’t know about you, but I place a value on my time and effort. There is much that can be done to amplify your web presence and make it more rewarding for both yourself and your audience. And, you get to decide what it is worth, in either time or money or both.

In the creation of a web presence you will indeed reap what you sow and nurture. There are many avenues which need to be considered. The notion that “if you build it, they will come” has assured the failure of many a website. Websites need to evolve, if not they will not succeed. Below, I have provided a video The Social Media Revolution II. It illustrates how fast things change in the cloud world and how important it is to be aware of those changes. You can go this alone and then again, you could pay me a boatload of money.

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One Response to Why Everyone Should Have A Website

  1. birdbee says:

    Hi there. We recently became facebook “friends” through the Stone Stacker’s group. I followed the link to your blog post only to discover we are both WordPress Bloggers as well. Interesting video… I was unaware of the fading popularity of email, but it makes sense!

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